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Startups in Arizona Need Net Neutrality

The success of America’s startup ecosystem depends on an open Internet with clear, enforceable Net Neutrality rules. Small companies should be able to compete on a level playing field without the threat of being sidelined by huge cable companies and Internet providers. 

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CrowdMedScottsdale, AZ

My company, CrowdMed harnesses the wisdom of crowds to solve difficult medical cases online, which literally saves lives. Without net neutrality protections, big competitors like WebMD could pay Internet service providers (ISPs) to speed up their content and slow ours.

Ad Hoc LabsGlendale, AZ

We are a venture-funded startup with millions of dollars in revenue and 12 employees. We exist and are able to thrive because we're able to access a level playing field that is protected by Title II net neutrality laws. Our company provides calling and text messaging services on virtual numbers to millions of safety and privacy conscious consumers, including many in vulnerable communities. ISPs and carriers have tried to shut companies like ours out in the past; the value we are creating creates jobs, tax revenue, and valuable innovation.
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Startups Need Net Neutrality

More than 1,000 startups, innovators, investors, and entrepreneurial support organizations have joined Engine, Y Combinator, and Techstars in sending a letter to the new leader of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Chairman Ajit Pai, supporting a free and open Internet. 

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